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DIY a Professional Print Viewing Station

For about ten months, Douglas Dubler has very generously shared his color management and print making expertise with me.  Douglas implores his students to view their test prints under proper lighting conditions.  To that end, Douglas highly recommends various products made by Graphic Technology Inc. (“GTI”). GTI is the only company that makes print viewing stations that are worth investing in.  Unfortunately, because their products are so specialized, they are quite expensive.
Here’s the model I lust after.

It costs $2,895 for the base model, without dual illumination sources and without dimming capability.  Adding those features brings its cost to $5,430.  A smaller desktop viewing station with dual illumination and dimming features costs $2,225.  These are sophisticated pieces of equipment.  There are no budget alternatives on the market (as near as I can tell). 
In order to work with Douglas, I had to invest in a high-end monitor, a high- end printer, good papers, and some relatively e…

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